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Useful Travel Resources

Here are a list of the most useful web links on singles travel and travel in general.


This is a great free tool to convert currencies from all over the world. Check out how much your currency is able to be exchanged for the in the country you are touring.

Want to know more about Contiki? Their website is full of useful information and pictures. You can find out about every one of the trips they offer at this site. You can even chat to other past Contiki tourists.

This is a great site. This site is a forum which all Contiki goer's get together on and chat about their trips or their up coming trips. Lots of websites you can visit to see photos of other people’s trips as well.

Well worth a visit.

I think everyone has heard of the book series done by Lonely Planet. They offer travel guides to every country on Earth and are an invaluable source of useful info.

This is a book I brought a few months ago and it offers really great ways to save on airfares. The guy who wrote the book is a travel agent and knows what he's talking about.

This is another book I really recommend. It shows you how to save on airfares, hotels, car rental, food, you name it...Worth a look.

This is a website for another smaller singles (solo traveler) travel agent. They offer all sorts of singles travel deals.

This is a larger singles travel agency and their website offers lots of great tips for solo travelers.

This is an adventure travel website for solo travelers. So if you are after something a little more exciting then sight seeing, visit this website.

The CIA “world fact book” gives you a fairly comprehensive guide to every country in the world, for free. Tells you what languages they speak in that country, population, political situations, and all sorts of other useful info.

This is a travel warning site from the American government. It tells you about all the countries that currently have travel warnings posted on them and these are definitely countries you want to avoid traveling to.

This is another travel warning website run by the Australian government. It's much, much more concise then the American version. You should really read both websites before you leave on your trip.