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Singles Cruises

I'll be honest, singles cruises are not for me at all. It really is like a meat market with people pairing off left right and centre, pretty much because there is nothing else to do.

I've been on 2 singles cruises. One was with a large liner, P&O, and the other was on a small sailing boat, called Wind Jammer cruises.

I had an absolute blast sailing around the Caribbean with other singles. It's not like a normal cruise, it's more intimate, fewer people, and a lot more fun.

You don't feel like you are there to "hook up" with other singles.

This is what they say on their website.

"Singles cruises are the singular most popular theme cruise to date, and it’s pretty clear why-they’re fun, laid-back and guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Windjammer’s casual and intimate atmosphere is ideal for meeting others, so if you’re looking for someone special, cupid couldn’t think of a better place to try his luck. We do our best to ensure that there are equal numbers of rogues and wenches aboard. These cruises book very quickly, so be sure to book your berth well in advance."

You can see their website at

Like I said before, I had a blast on this trip. If beautiful beaches, amazingly clear water, great food and sun appeal to you, this is the trip for you.

Then there was the trip with the cruise liner, which I will never do again.

The problem with this cruise was half of the boat load of people were not single, the other half were and it was kind of awkward at the best of times.

If the whole boat had been only singles, maybe this would have worked. This is also not a good trip for younger singles as it was mainly older males on the boat even though they said it was going to be an even number of women to men.

If this however is something you would like to know more about, visit the two websites below.