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Club Getaway

Club Getaway is a little different from anything else I've talked about yet. Club Getaway is a massive 300 acre property in the middle of no where Connecticut, USA.

The best way to understand what Club Getaway is, is to go to their website at....

It's not really a singles tour as such, but you go there for a weekend or a week and the premise is you choose what activities you want to do.

I went on a sports activity weekend, where every hour there is a new activity you can join in on with other people. I went with a friend and thank god for that.

Hardly anyone went by themselves, even tho it was touted as being a "great way to meet singles, with the same interests".

But while saying that, while I was there, I noticed they had another group on the grounds as well and it was for Jewish professionals. I think this would be a great way for Jewish people to meet other like minded Jewish people.

They also offer a weekend for anyone born before 1964. They call it the boomers weekend and I'm sure that would be a lot of fun as well.